Our Vision:
To improve and extend the lives of mankind especially catering to the needs of the underprivileged sections of the society & to become a leading healthcare organisation, focusing on highest quality standards and business ethics which will be driven by People, Research and Technology.

Our Mission:
Providing advanced diagnostics and affordable medicines, through development of novel platform technology, manufacturing and marketing of biopharma products and health supplements, with ultimate focus on quality at all levels and transparency in our business practices.

Our Values:
We follow our guiding values of Integrity, Passion for Excellence, Performance focus, Team Work and Care for Society.

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Ameliorate Biotech Private Ltd is a science and technology focused start up based in Bangalore, India. With an aim of making life better, Ameliorate strives to develop innovative technologies and improved processes and provide solutions to give cost effective, affordable products without compromising on quality and safety. Our products address the unmet needs in Biotech, Diagnostics and Nutraceutical segments.
Team: Ameliorate has young and the dynamic team of first generation entrepreneurs with Techno-commercial expertise. With a combined experience of over 80 years, in Life Sciences, Bio-similar Product Development and marketing, we are prepared to ameliorate the health and lifestyle of the Indian population.

R & D

Our R&D is focused on developing high quality recombinant therapeutic proteins, diagnostic kits & innovative formulation development to address the unmet medical needs across the globe.
Bio-Similars: The current focus is on development and commercialization of bio-similar products in Oncology , Auto-Immune Disease, Ophthalmology and Nephrology. Fully integrated R&D team has end-to-end expertise for bio-similar product development; ranging from clone to clinic. Dedicated group for Analytical development and bio-characterization to support CQA and QbD based product development. A dedicated Quality Assurance team works closely with R&D to ensure highest standards for documentation and regulatory submissions.
Diagnostic Devices: Because of innovation-driven thinking and commitment to society for cost effective product for the diagnosis of diseases, apt for rural population, Ameliorate is doing research to establish itself as a name to reckon with, using nanoparticles and nano sensor based technology, in India and the world.
Innovative Probiotic formulation: Our scientists are striving to develop a novel formulation of probiotic to achieve more direct, significantly enhanced, and faster performance, which will be better than any other currently available marketed probiotic formulations. The product will help to maintain or improve gastrointestinal and immune health of all age groups.


- Platform technology for production of recombinant protein in an antibiotic free process from clone to clinic.
- Platform technology for diagnostic device development, which is rapid, more sensitive, instrument free, affordable and easy to use.
- Formulation development for Probiotics to enhance efficacy.
- .....many more in the exploratory phase.


Bio-similar /Bio-therapeutics:
- Process development
- Analytical Method development
- Product Characterisation
Consultancy services:
- Consultant for Biotech / bio therapeutic related work
- Products of Diabetic and Cardiac segments.
- Manufacturing & distribution of Nutraceutical Products.